Ondřej Benáček

Managing Director


Team leader, responsible for entire fund strategy, processes, standards and performance, leads and executes complex deals


Business strategy


Aerospace, composites, energy, industrial automation, machine vision, SW for industrial applications


Ondřej has over 15 years of experience in private equity. During his career he worked for leading private equity funds operating in Central and Eastern Europe, including six years with Penta Investments and five years with Innova Capital.

Ondřej has also extensive experience in the management of industrial production companies. Among others, Ondřej was for seven years a Board member of Aero Vodochody, the biggest CEE Aerospace producer, where he was directly responsible for business development of Latecoere and C-Series programs. He was also director of Rotortech Aero Composites (UK) and a member of Supervisory Board of TES Vsetín.

Currently he is Chairman of the Jihlavan Board, Managing Director at ROKA Industry and Chairman of ELCOM Board of Directors.


Ondřej holds a degree in Quantitative Economics as well as a Law degree from Charles University, a Master’s Degree in Management and Strategy from USBE Sweden. He also studied MBA courses at Harvard University USA.

Aero Vodochody


Successful business development of the company via targeting orders from renowned Tier 1 OEM producers. Together with the operational restructuring, the strategy led to the restart of a traditional yet previously loss-making producer.

In figures, the strategy resulted in doubling the revenue and in a 20% increase in efficiency.

Involved team members:

TES Vsetín

TES Vsetín

The management of TES Vsetín company led to an increase in operational performance which is reflected in an EBITDA margin increase from 20% to 30%.

Strict cost control, implementation of lean management principles as well as an increase in revenues were key to the improved results.

Involved team members:



Jihlavan is another example of a combination of operational improvements with successful business expansion.

Business relations with SLS customer have been developed thanks to a strategy targeted on becoming the supplier of choice for OEMs in the aerospace industry. Via SLS, Jihlavan now participates in deliveries to Airbus.

On the operational side, internal production capacities have been increased by one third due to the removal of bottlenecks in the production process and an increase in internal efficiency of 9%.

Involved team members:
Ondřej, David