The Importance of ESG
Being industrial specialists we are pragmatists and problem solvers. We know that good ESG management means good business and is important for all our stakeholders.


All our businesses encounter challenges with environmental issues.

The very low unemployment rate in the Czech Republic creates difficulties for HR management (recruitment and retention).

Governance is a key element of our value added through developing new management practices.

Our Goal

We are keen to conserve energy, reduce pollutants, improve waste management, create an ‘employer brand’ for the portfolio companies, generate goodwill and respect in our communities, promote self-confidence among employees, operate well-run businesses practising continuous process improvement and demonstrating a strong ethical backbone.

This is all simply sensible business practice and, as well as generating a sense of satisfaction, it can also bring economic rewards.

We intend to be good corporate citizens wherever we operate, playing our role in addressing environmental and social problems, which can be particularly acute in this part of Europe. We want to be as transparent as possible in our communication and in our relationships. For CEIP, ESG is another key business issue, which we need to address to the best of our ability.

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