Our goal is the development and growth of companies
CEIP started its operations in 2017 and is currently actively seeking investment opportunities
Roka Industry
ROKA Industry Welder
Roko Industry

ROKA Industry

ROKA Industry is a manufacturer of welded steel and stainless-steel structures with a history of more than 20 years. The company is based in Teplice. The structures produced are parts for construction and machine tools. Part of the production is designated for LEGO parks’ giant sculpture structures. ROKA Industry has a wide range of machinery including laser burning technology, horizontal machining and welding technology together with welding robots.

The CEIP Operating Team has assisted with a smooth handover from the founder to new professional management and with the introduction of a new production and reporting management system. In addition, he introduces the company to new customers.

CEIP share: 100%

Control Panel Tester in ELCOM


ELCOM is a manufacturer and supplier of electrical engineering services. Besides the supply of energy measurement systems, the company focuses on industrial automation with specialisation in measuring systems. Elcom has also unique technology for visual (Machine Vision), acoustic, vibrational and haptic testing. Production is located in Ostrava, Brno and Bystřice nad Pernštejnem. Customers include companies such as ABB, Siemens or Škoda Transportation.

CEIP entered the company as a majority owner and is developing it together with the original management, whose executive role gradually takes over management of the company, both at operational as well as ownership level.

CEIP share: Majority



In 2020, ELCOM established a subsidiary, Eltia s.r.o., in which it has a 100% stake. Eltia focuses on industrial automation and robotics. The production program includes deliveries of assembly and production lines, single-purpose machines and integration of robotic and handling systems. Although Eltia was only established last year, it continued the activities of a previous company with more than fifteen years of tradition.

CEIP share: 100%



In 2019, ELCOM took a minority shareholding in RH-Tech. Subsequently, in 2021, it increased its share and gained a majority. RH-Tech specializes in the complete realization of the robotic workplace, with the integration of Omron or FANUC mobile robots. RH-Tech also specializes in automated welding or laser cutting/welding applications.

CEIP share: 51%

BMH Robot

BMH is a Czech industrial service company active in the area of trenchless water and sewage pipeline repairs. The Company employs best in class robotic technologies, key among them being inverse sleeve pipeline repairs. Trenchless methods have number of unique selling points including lower price by 40 to 70% in urbanized areas and speed and ease of execution. Besides trenchless pipeline rehabilitation BMH offers also monitoring services using remotely controlled robots. The company has so far realised over 1000 projects.

CEIP aim is to develop further the company. Besides investments into new technologies, the newly appointed CEO and his team will focus on acquisition of new municipality customers and raising awareness of the advantages of trenchless repairs.

CEIP share: 98.1%

CNC Wire Bending 2D and 3D in KBNK

KBNK is one of the leading Czech specialists in wire and sheet metal processing for manufacturers of tools and consumer products.

The company was established in 1994 in South Bohemia, where production facilities with an area of 4,000 m2 were constructed. The company uses modern production CNC equipment ensuring high levels of production efficiency.

The goal of CEIP is to develop further the company together with existing management, to target business development, to set up an active pro-customer approach and expand. The other goal is to diversify the customer portfolio and seek continous sales growth.

CEIP share: 93%



The Company is a profitable, well managed producer of thermoformed plastic products, situated in northern Bohemia. The product and technology portfolio includes two principal product groups, trays and blisters made from thin plastic foil, produced in high volume series and parts for buses and caravans, produced from plastic sheets and boards.

The Company has its own engineering, focused on materials / tooling / improvements. The high-volume aspect of the tray / blister business segment makes it a good target for automation and also for continuous improvement. CEIP brings significant value in both activities.

CEIP share: 2/3