Michal Flídr

Operating Director


Specialist in financing acquisitions and portfolio companies, operating director of portfolio companies (Roka Industry and Jihlavan).


Optimization of operational financing, implementation of group financial rules.


Aerospace, engineering.


Michal worked for 17 years at AERO Vodochody in the field of financial management, the last 12 years as the financial director responsible for the administration and management of the financial department. During his "aviation" career, he was also responsible for the ICT department, temporarily involved in managing the production of parts for the aviation industry, and last but not least, he served as the project manager for the L-39NG aircraft. He actively participated in business activities within bidding processes and negotiations of purchase contracts.

Since 2019, Michal has been part of the CEIP team, initially financially managing the company Elcom, where he was actively involved in the acquisition activities of the current 3 subsidiaries. As a project manager, he was responsible for the separation process of properties and their subsequent sale to the company Reico. In the context of acquisition projects, Michal is responsible for bank financing – successfully managing the financing of Vyvaplast, AMiT, and Kosyka projects. Since 2022, he has taken on the role of operating director at Roka Industry and in 2023 at Jihlavan.


Michal graduated from Silesian University, majoring in marketing and management in trade and services, and corporate finance in Karviná.