Iain Haggis

Chairman of Investment Committee


Portoflio risk, structuring and ESG


Financing, standards implementation, portfolio risk


Iain has over 35 years of experience in finance, including 25 years as CFO in several companies across Europe. Before joining CEIP he worked for seven years as CFO of a private equity fund, Innova Capital (USD 800 under management), where he was responsible for the operation of the fund and supervision of the financial results of the entire investment portfolio.

Recent experience includes, amongst others, a position at Meritum Bank Board, interim CFO position at Energobit energy services company in Romania and member of Unipetrol Audit Committee.

Originally from United Kingdom, Iain has spent more than 25 years in Central and Eastern Europe. His professional beginnings in the region are linked to the Polish privatization project, in which he was responsible for more than 30 restructuring projects.


He is a graduate of the University of Plymouth and is CIMA Fellow and ICSA Associate. He is also a member of the Valores Board, the first private philanthropic fund in Poland aiming to increase social impact of charities. Besides English, Iain speaks fluent Polish.