Aleš Krutina, MEng, PhD

Industry Specialization

Power engineering, development and production of electronic systems


After a seven-year academic career, Aleš Krutina together with his colleagues at Jablotron founded the design-house Logic Elements. Jablotron Holding is one of the largest manufacturers of electronic systems in the Czech Republic. After firmly anchoring this in the Holding, he took on the role of Technical Director. Currently he manages all development teams and is responsible for improving development processes and converting rapid-prototyping methods into standard development.

Aleš Krutina has also been involved in professional circles dealing with multidisciplinary problems of power engineering for more than ten years, especially in the field of distribution network management and operational diagnostics of steam turbines for nuclear power plants.


Aleš Krutina studied Applied Electronics at the University of West Bohemia (UWB) in Pilsen, Czech Republic. The integration of electronics into other areas, especially "smart technology" and energetics, led to the theme of his PhD at UWB - communication within smart networks (Smart Grids).