Albín Dobeš, MEng, PhD

Industry Specialization

Water management, drinking water supply and waste water treatment.


Albín Dobeš worked for more than 40 years in key management positions at Severomoravské vodovody a kanalizace Ostrava a.s. (North Moravian Water and Sewage) and the company legal predecessors out, of which approximately 30 years were as chief financial officer.

Since 1989 he has been a member of the Economic Committee for the Association of Water Supply and Sewerage Systems of the Czech Republic, z.s. Further, he is currently General Manager of Business Law Management Czech Republic s.r.o., a consultancy company.

Albín Dobeš is also the co-author of numerous expert papers and publications on water management.


Albín Dobeš graduated from the Technical University of Ostrava (Industrial Economics) and is also the holder of a Ph.D. title from the Environmental Institute.